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When I purchased the church in 2015, it was an open room. All the pews, pulpit, hymnals were intact. A few ceiling lights served as the only light source. There was neither water nor plumbing. Upon purchasing the church, I didn't receive a key because there wasn't one! They simply never locked the door.

Every aspect of the interior had to be updated. The paneling was removed and replaced with fresh drywall. An all new electrical service was installed. The building was equipped with a new heating and air conditioning system. A sewage system was established, a  well was drilled and a whole building filtration system was put in.

Despite the technology and conveniences of the modern world, The Hemmed Inn maintains its charm of the earlier century through softly colored walls, the homemade quilts, and the time period decorations. Even two of the church pews were repurposed into headboards for the beds to maintain the authenticity of the interior.

The exterior was changed as little as possible in keeping with the charm of the neighborhood. One exciting change was the bell supports were replaced so the bell now works! The neighbors tell me they haven't heard the bell ring in the 50 years they have lived there! Click here to watch the video.

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